Not even gonna lie, the only things I have enjoyed about the Oscar’s thus far is the fact the lovely Anna Kendrick was a presenter and the gorgeous Idina Menzel performed Let It Go. 

Casually deciding to blare Daughtry from my stereo. Now the clock ticks down til I have a police officer at the door of my condo telling me to turn my music down.

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So glad that my neighbors are unable to hear how off key I am singing to Rehab right now. This is why I am not part of a band.

Forever giving up on my theme because lazy


A rendition of Teen Wolf where everything’s the same other than every time Derek is in a fight they play ‘Staying Alive’ in the background.

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Wow, seems like ages since I was around, but I’m back in black! Anyways, I’m Tyler for those who don’t know me, I’m part of the tour security. Some of you may have seen me in a show on MTV called Teen Wolf? Yes, no, maybe? Anyways, don’t be afraid to speak to me on aim, it is the same as my url.

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So, I found a taco bell today and found they brought back the Chili Cheese Burrito’s. Best Day Ever.

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